Our Philosophy

The philosophy of JAQ Architecture, simply stated, is “j”azz and “a”rchitecture on cue to redefine the status “q”uo.

We analyze the rhythm structure of a song to determine the physical structure we’re designing. We allow the music’s timbre (tonal quality) to suggest color, and we explore the song’s texture to inspire the tactile texture of our buildings’ surfaces. Jazz is organized as an intro (beginning), interlude (transition), and coda (end). So the main themes of our projects are improvised above, below, and around the intro, interlude, and coda composition of a jazz piece. Although we typically use the traditional african-american art form of jazz as our design tool, we feel that music is a beautifully diverse and universal language. This fact has allowed us to work with an array of clients whose individual tastes in music helps us develop an architectural aesthetic unique to them. Whether jazz, r&b, rock & roll, or even a waltz, the literal and phenomenal connection is the music that inspires everyone to move.

Our Services

Our services focus on providing program management, design management, and quality management.

It is paramount for us to:

Develop the client’s vision during the programming phase

Hone the vision during the design phase

Nurture the vision during construction

To promote project harmony, we seek projects where we can perform all three services, utilizing every area of our management skills.

Program Management

Establish project budget
Identify funding sources
Identify project goals/define scope of work
Document client expectations
Prepare comprehensive development project schedule
Initiate feasibility study (if required)
Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Planning
Facilitate Preliminary Zoning and Code Analysis
Provide programming / hire programming consultant
Prepare RFP/RFQ for design/consultant services
Prepare design scope of services
Interview and select Engineering, Environmental, Geotechnical, Survey, and other consultant firms to complete the Design Team (DT)
Fee negotiations with all above
Provide DT firms with programmatic requirements
Recommendation for type of construction contract (assist Legal Consultant)
Performance Bond Vetting
Performance Bond Negotiations
Construction Document (CD) management
Reviews and recommendations throughout project for owner approval
Resource planning and allocation
Effective project communication
• Project Status
• Project Schedule
• Project Budget

Design Management

Confirm Project Criteria
Review and recommendation of design contract(s)
Design management and coordination
Develop Detailed Zoning and Building Code Analysis
Schematic and Design Development document review and written comment collation with owner
Correspondence and coordination with users during design process
Produce Design Development (DD) Project Cost Estimate and additional estimates as required by owner
Value Engineering review of DD Package to reconcile budget or reduce program
Schedule of all required meetings with A/E firm and owner
Monitor design progress for compliance to comprehensive development schedule

Quality Management

Permit Regulatory Management
• Zoning Approval
• Building Permit Approval
– Facilitate Pre-Approval Meetings with Municipal Agencies and Bureaus
• Certificate of Occupancy Approval
Arrange required pre-bid and pre-construction meetings
Drawing review and oversight
Correspondence and coordination with owner during construction period
Value engineering program with required cost estimating
Construction planning and site logistics
Provide field observation and reports
Facilitate Owner Architect Contractor (AOC) meetings
Participate payout meetings
Implement and enforce construction administration standards with DT firms and contractor
Oversee construction quality assurance/quality control program
• Provide Quality Control Reports
Oversee change and claims control
Develop Construction Bulletin Packages
Oversee project close-out procedures

Our Clients