The Building Goes On

Liner Notes
Goldberg’s Prentice is our call to action
Underground Museum is the transitional space
Tower is the spire/ tree behind the clover/me
Inspired By:
Herbie Hancock “The Song Goes On.”

INTRO “I am only one of my many mouths…” Adapting Prentice to house a Pre-K-8 S.T.E.M. curriculum academy will enhance NMH’s goal to recruit stellar personnel. Prentice Charter will prepare the future NMH academic spirit, providing a prime academic experience. Research flows unencumbered while staff children are safely engaged in learning within the NMH Campus.

INTERLUDE “I am the rest between two notes/ which always seem to be clashing…” A flurry of Hindu scatting announces the solo between the two themes. The skylights of the Underground Museum represent the dynamic solo above the soaring rhythm. Water and greenery triumphantly announce the descent into the Museum. A public park breaks the monotony of the sterile medical campus.

CODA “Much stands behind me/ I stand here like a tree…” The Tower is a restatement of the Prentice, the “tree” behind the future landmark. The Tower undulates vertically along one axis while it sways along another, emulating the call and response of English & Hindu vocals. The forms are an exercise in call & response, representing the tension “between two notes.” A stone & glass curtain wall rhythmically clads the podium, the pattern representing the saxophone bracketing the lyrics.