Hasaan Allen

Aspiring to become a licensed Architect in the state of Illinois, Hasaan Allen joined the JAQ brand in 2019.
Hasaan earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies with a minor in Spanish, from Ball State University in 2018.

As a young artist, his design approach centers conceptual design within the contextual language of the artifact’s location, producing harmony within the chaos of space. His passion for history of place, influences his design process by incorporating cultural elements of the location, into the artifacts themselves.

Hasaan embraced and promoted multicultural perspectives as a member of NOMAS. He led the organization as Vice President for two years. During this time, he helped increase student participation from 2 to over 20. The greatest achievement was increasing the campus awareness of the organization through event partnerships with other on-campus groups like the Ball State Daily News, Black Student Association, Latinx Student Union and the Asian American Student Association.
Hasaan plans to earn a Master of Architecture degree with a focus in Structural Engineering. He is developing his design approach to observe the sound of jazz through his perception of the JAQ philosophy.

His spirit instrument is the acoustical guitar.