Midway International Airport

Midway International Airport

The rhythm of transition is the beat that inspired renovations of Chicago’s Midway International Airport. The remix of Chicago’s second-largest airport, located in the Garfield Ridge community, was mastered by JAQ between 1999 and 2003, which served the role of senior project architect and project manager. The redesign encompassed the terminals, food court, and concourses A, B, and C. As Chicago approached the end of the 20th Century, it was clear that it had outgrown its airport and that the Southside travel hub would need to serve a broader spectrum of the metropolitan region. JAQ facilitated the construction, kept contractors on schedule, interpreted drawings, and answered major questions. The airport’s original design did not include federal inspection services necessary for international travel; JAQ was instrumental in creating a mezzanine and redesigning the basement to house federal inspection services. JAQ also produced the debut of Mexicana Airlines at Midway airport, designing its gateway desk, terminal station, and airport offices. Above, Bird in Flight Plaza

Arrival – Intro

Arrival - Intro

This project consists of two repeating stanzas, Arrival and Departure, and each has its own intro, interlude, and coda. The composition also includes a couple of solos. The Arrival Intro is the concourse, where the song of destination begins.

Arrival – Interlude

Arrival - Interlude

The Arrival Interlude is the Federal Inspection Services.

Arrival – Coda

Arrival - Coda

The Arrival Coda is the baggage claim, where the looped percussion of conveyor belts are a welcome song for Chicago’s visitors and those returning home.

Departure – Intro

Departure - Intro

The Departure Intro is the plaza of Richard Hunt’s sculpture Flight Forms, whose ascending metallic shapes suggest the defiance of gravity and wonder of flight, signaling to passing motorists and pedestrians alike that the journey has just begun.

Departure – Interlude

Departure - Interlude

The Departure Interlude is the terminal building, a place a transition, where travelers determine their gate.

Departure – Coda

Departure - Coda

The Departure Coda is the concourse, where one track of the journey fades in as the other fades to an end. The DOA Mezzanine offices is the solo above the melody, and the Federal Inspection Services is the Solo below the melody.

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