Andi Piper

Andi joined the JAQ Corp team in the third quarter of 2018, bringing with her experience in residential and higher education projects in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. She gained experience in large scale, multi-phase construction while working with the Leyden School District, on projects that ranged from minor renovations to athletic fields and large scale building additions.

Andi received her Bachelor of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology and her current focus is on becoming LEED accredited. Andi has worked in teams of designers, engineers and contractors using Building Information Modeling to coordinate across disciplines and to increase efficiency in the design process. Her current interest is in using energy analysis software to create innovative, sustainable architecture by making efficient choices from the very start of a project.

While working as a Design Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity Chicago, Andi discovered an interest in affordable housing and it’s effects on urban development. She is passionate about finding a path to effective and equitable community development, through thoughtful planning and quality design.
In her spare time, Andi enjoys live music, hiking and baking.

Instrument: French Horn, Guitar, Vocals