The philosophy of JAQ Architecture, simply stated, is “j”azz and “a”rchitecture on cue to redefine the status “q”uo.
We analyze the rhythm structure of a song to determine the physical structure we’re designing. We allow the music’s timbre (tonal quality) to suggest color, and we explore the song’s texture to inspire the tactile texture of our buildings’ surfaces. Jazz is organized as an intro (beginning), interlude (transition), and coda (end). So the main themes of our projects are improvised above, below, and around the intro, interlude, and coda composition of a jazz piece. Although we typically use the traditional african-american art form of jazz as our design tool, we feel that music is a beautifully diverse and universal language. This fact has allowed us to work with an array of clients whose individual tastes in music helps us develop an architectural aesthetic unique to them. Whether jazz, r&b, rock & roll, or even a waltz, the literal and phenomenal connection is the music that inspires everyone to move.

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