The timbre of “Time to Change” suggests harvest themes, reflected in the colors and textures of Migration. The building exterior features a continuous pattern of both brown and natural simulated limestone that parallels the repetition of the song’s beat and the drive of its rhythm section. Each elevation of the house is a reflection of four themes found within “Time to Change”. Level One is for entertainment, featuring burnt orange accent colors that complement purple Palladium countertops. Level Two is for relaxation, featuring soothing green accent colors and a cool-toned mural of underwater dinosaurs in one of the bedrooms. Level Three pays homage to the Bronzeville tradition of featuring ballrooms on the third level of its homes, and is accented by royal violet. The teardrop-shaped grand staircase gracefully guards private space from public, allowing seamless vertical communication between levels. Migration’s elegant composition reflects the layers of life soulfully illustrated by Yolanda Adams’ commanding vocals.

The grand staircase is this project’s intimate Interlude.

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